Licensing FAQ

If you have any questions about our licensing that aren't answered below, let us know!

When can I use the "Personal" license from Oculus Home/Steam/Viveport?

The Personal license that we offer through the regular storefronts is for personal and non-commercial use only. That means that you can use it when:

  • You bought it for yourself (not through a company or educational institution)

  • You plan to use it for practice, fun or personal projects.

What happens when I suddenly start making money while I am using the "Personal" license?

That's great! Just subscribe to the Freelance license as soon as you start making money. If income from the project dries up, you are free to cancel your subscription and go back to the personal license!

What does "Commercial Use" mean?

To us "Commercial Use" means using AnimVR as part of a project that you intend to make a profit from. This could be freelance work, pre-production, or prepairing assets to be used in a game etc.

When do I need to get the "Studio License"?

If the entity purchasing the license is a studio / company you will have to buy the Studio license.