Project Folder

The project folder is the location where AnimVR saves your work and where it looks for media to import.

Project Structure

By default your AnimVR project folder is created atDocuments/ANIMVR and structured as follows:

Brushes // Brush Textures to use for the Paint Brush
Alembic // Geometry exports (Alembic Cache files)
Custom // Files exported with a custom exporter plugin
Images // Screenshots taken with cameras or via the voice command
Stories // (disabled right now) Exported Story executables
Videos // Offline rendererd videos
Featured Stages // Automatically downloaded featured stages
Audio // Audio files to expose for import
ColorLUTs // Lookup Tables to use for paint layer color correction
Custom // Files to be imported by a custom import plugin
Images // Images (2D and 360) to import as reference or skyboxes
Models // 3D Models to expose for import
Videos // Videos to import as reference
Plugins // DLLs of custom import/export plugins
Settings // Settings files (json)
Stages // Your saved stages

The structure makes it possible to easily import media without having to browse your whole hard drive in VR.

Changing the project folder

In the controller menu you can select a different project folder to use instead of the default one. When you select an empty folder AnimVR will created the folder structure for you, otherwise it will check if the selected folder contains an AnimVR project and switch to the existing project if that's the case.

Links and Shortcuts in the Project Folder

AnimVR supports links as well as folder shortcuts. So for example, if you have a library of sound effects that you want to use in multiple projects you do not have to copy it to every project folder. Instead you can create a Windows shortcut to the audio library inside each projects Import/Audio folder.